To turn the tide of fascism and climate change, we have to stop preaching to the choir.

By only focusing on making ourselves laugh and feel better, we're failing to actually make any progress. We have to start persuading conservatives, not just mocking them.

Epics and Movies Don't Mix

Our modern storytellers are trying to tell ever larger and more complicated stories in movies, but the genre isn't up to the task.

The Uncanny Galaxy

Star Wars is different and special, and all because of the very first line.

Smart Starter: A Tool for Safe Sane Crowdfunding Budgets

A small side project I did in response to the difficulty of putting together a crowdfunding budget that won't end up screwing the creators.

Facebook Hostages: Why doesn’t social networking work like email?

Facebook and the other social media sites use your participation to hold you hostage to an ecosystem they (mostly) created: the closed social network. But it doesn't have to be that way.